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Thanks for visiting our support page. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


If you have a problem with a fixture, we (meaning Frank) will repair it, or tell you what's wrong with it, usually while you wait.  Contact Frank for all your tech questions.

If you want a product, but don't see it in the product guide, contact Melanie. We are willing to bring products in for you. All that we ask for is a deposit usually, but for perishables (predator bugs), or expensive items I may ask for payment in full. The reason behind this is simple, for bugs, I want you to pick up the item while its fresh, and the other, I just want to be sure you return to pick it up. I will give an expected time for delivery, and suggest that you call before coming in on that day just to be sure it did arrive. The other option is that I contact you when it comes in. I usually work with you to make this as painless as possible for both of us. There are times when I will not be able to special order items in, usually it's because I can't get small quantities of the item (only available in cases), or it is just not available from the manufacturer yet, or in Canada (due to regulations set up by Ag-Canada).

Hours of Operation

Summer Hours of Operation

Begin Holiday Weekend in May
Tuesday thru Friday: 10 am till 6 pm
Saturday or Monday: By Appointment
Closed Sunday

Winter Hours of Operation

Begin mid October
Tuesday thru Friday: 10am till 6 pm
Saturday: 11am till 4pm
Closed Sunday & Monday

Contact Us

We'll gladly answer your questions or concerns regarding our industry.

For general questions or special order inquiries please contact Melanie at:

For technical problems (wiring a system, figuring out CO2 injection) please contact Frank at: